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Implex Implant Institute was found to provide students and clinicians the opportunity to learn and update themselves with new techniques in the field of dentistry.

We aim at filling the lacunae existing in the field of Dental Education by acting as a bridge between academic advances and the busy practitioner who does not find enough time or opportunity to remain updated with the rapid advancements in this field.

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Personalized Training

Allow students to take participation in our dental education program who wish to pursue career in dental. Our professional trainers provide support to the students and give full inquiry about the latest opportunities.

One to One Training

Dentist, who want to improve their patient treatment skills can apply for one to one training, where our trainers give you one to one training and use cutting edge technology to improve dental skills.

Intensive And Interactive learning

With the help of new skills and knowledge acquisition, we always improve our course structure as per the industry requirements. And we ensure you that, our short term course which will be of interest of anyone who is involved in the dental health care.

Live Patient Demo

Run your entire practice on one integrate and sophisticated platform. So join us for live patient demonstration, we ensure you that this one is really worth your money because this program is tailored to meet the gap from practice to successful clinic.

Post Course Assistance for 1 year

This course helps individuals to acquire all necessary set of skills and knowledge to become a successful dental assistant.

Clinical Approach

A clinical approach follows a logical approach,we will provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects for dental treatment of children and adolescents.

The practice of dentistry offer you the opportunity to have a very real impact on the patient health, both physical and physiological on a daily basis. Implex Implant training and research centre provide dental consulting, education for striving dentists that are dedicated to the pursuit of clinical excellence in dentistry.

Implex Implant training and research centre is the dental learning platform, in which offer experts from every corner of the dental professions , who will guide students with instruction in surgical procedure, demonstrating challenging surgical techniques and explore the dental history that will help a good dentist to become better dentists. Teaching through lectures, seminars, live patient demonstration, tutorial, self- directed learning, research project will definitely develop your understanding regarding dentistry. So enjoy and learn the courses with dedicated and specialist teachers who will support through out the program.

"Implex Implant... Where Art Meet Science!"

"Implex Implant... Where Art Meet Science!"


Implex – Implant Training & Research Centre.
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